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What an idiot. Caleb kept getting up to do something, and Alex must video x have hit it a www.xvideo.com thousand times. I seemed to be losing track of time, but I really didn't care anymore. Tiffany just kept looking at me and smiling. xx videos She really was an idiot if you stopped and thought about it. She was just a dumb idiot. "How are you xvideos porn feeling Trev," Alex xxvideo would ask me. I told him 'fine.' I was getting rather thirsty, so I went over to my fridge to get xvideos japan some water, but I stopped in front of the mirror. I looked really tired. I suddenly looked back over at them. Caleb was back and he was hitting the bong. Alex caught my eye and asked what I was doing. "Why are you over there?" he would ask me. xvidios "I came over here to..." I stopped. I couldn't remember what I had xvideos 2 gotten up for. Tiffany xvideos xvideos was still grinning. Like an idiot. "Come back over here Trev," Alex said. I liked it when Alex called me Trev. It was cute. 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I remembered him taking me over to my bed xvideos mom so I could lay down and I remembered waking up every once in a while. I seemed to remember him running his hand through my hair and touching my face. Had that really happened? I tried desperately to remember, but I couldn't. There was no way to know for sure. Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 13:36:31 EDT From: SolCorazonaol Subject: Earth Magic If you are under telugu xvideos 18 and/or this is illegal in x video your area, don't read. If xvideos indian love and sex offend you, don't read. Finally, Brodie's story. I apologize for the delay. MUCHO THANKS to all of you who have been reading since I posted my first story, Cullen's Fall, and who have written me with comments on each story. I love hearing from you. Your words mean x.videos the world xvideos gays to me. If you have just started reading xvideos indian the series, I would love to hear xvedios from you as well at SolCorazonaol This story is copy written by me and for the exclusive use of the Nifty Archives. Thanks to Nifty and the mysterious David. Shout out to my beloved porn xvideos "twin", Bobby, who showed me xvideos download such an awesome time in Florida. Thanks also for reading and commenting on the story. Thanks and appreciation to my xvideos 2 friend Terri, for taking the time to proofread and for thoughtful xvedio comments and suggestions. Of course, any remaining xvideos. com errors are xvideos hd my own. Shout out to all of those on the other xvideo gay side who watch out for those of us on this one. Now porn xvideos www xvideos that all of the preliminaries are over with, sit back, relax, and let me tell you x videos.com a story. Once upon a time... EARTH MAGIC 1 Brodie ran up the stairs, collapsed wearily onto his bed and ran a tired hand down his face. He was glad that his mother was working and that none of his brothers or sisters had plans to drop by. The last thing in the world he wanted or needed now was his brothers and sisters hovering and fussing over him. He hoped he didn't look as drained and japanese xvideos as fucked up as he felt. Thank God, xvideos gays the first week was over. When he had reluctantly accepted the scholarship, he had no idea how drastically his life would be altered by transferring to another school. Weary and dispirited, he wished he could go back in time and decline the scholarship as he had initially xvidos planned to do. He had attended the neighborhood Catholic school, St. Mary's, xvideos download all of his life. xvideos brasil His brothers and sisters and even his mother had gone there too. Why did video x he have to x-videos be the one to get a scholarship to some bougie school he had never even heard of? Three and a half weeks before the end xvideos video of the previous school year, he had been summoned to Sister Mary Helen's office. She had free xvideos shaken her head with exasperation when he had entered her office, full of exuberance and hd xvideos awkward as a clumsy puppy. Sister Mary Helen moved a few of the piles of papers on her desk closer towards her. Experience had taught her, that if something could be knocked over or broken, somehow, some way, Brodie would succeed in doing so. wwwxvideos She hastily drank the last bit of coffee in her mug before it could be mysteriously overturned. x.videos She sometimes surmised that Brodie had a force field of excess energy circulating around him. She never actually saw him knock anything over; things xvideos porno just seemed to move around him. He had a presence, this boy did. Brodie sat on the other videos x side of Sister Mary Helen's desk, waiting to hear of his latest transgression. For once, nothing sprang immediately to mind. 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You're not going to get away with agreeing like you usually do and then going ahead and doing what you want," she said desi xvideos grumpily. Old adversaries, the two stared at each other. The warning bell for the next class rang. Brodie's aquamarine eyes held xvideos brasil a stubborn defiance that had almost caused Sister x vedios Mary Helen to tear her hair out on xvideo com multiple occasions over the years. She grit her teeth, counted to ten and waited until the bell announcing the start of the next class rang, before continuing to speak. "You're the smart one, Brodie," she said. "None of your brothers and sisters www.xvideos.com earned scholarships." "My brothers and sisters are doing very well, Sister," Brodie said defensively, eyes flashing. "Quinn is an accountant. Cullen and Niamh have their own businesses. Mary Katherine, Niall and Dyllan are working with Cullen." Sister Mary Helen made an impatient xxvideo sound and waved her hand dismissively. "I am not maligning your family, Brodie. x videos.com I am merely saying that this xvideoscom is an opportunity that must not be missed. You are intelligent and talented. The xvideos porn Paris School can provide you with contacts, xvideos red equipment and more vastly skilled teachers than St. Mary's can. I don't want you to let this go." "I want to stay here," Brodie said. "I have everything planned." Sister Mary Helen peered at him over her glasses. He glared back. She was mean, ornery and cantankerous. She had been his first grade teacher. She had told bible stories with desi xvideos such vivid, joyous and passionate fervor that for months, xvideos tamil he had wanted to be crucified upside down for Jesus Christ like St. Peter or to be a Christian facing the lions in the arena, bravely dying for his faith. She hd xvideos had short, gray, straggly hair, an old wrinkled face, www xvideos com and ugly brown spots on her hands. And he loved her. "Look around you, Brodie," she xvideos teen said gruffly. He glanced around her office obediently, not really seeing that the wooden floor, although spotless, was sagging and rotting in places. The paint was peeling from the walls and two of her file cabinet drawers wouldn't even close all of the way. The rest of the school was in similar condition. "Maybe I should discuss this with Cullen or your mother," Sister Mary Helen said slyly. As the daughter of a military man, she knew that she was unfairly bringing out the big guns for a small skirmish, when a little handgun would probably do. She mentally shrugged her shoulders. xvido This was Brodie and this was the opportunity of a lifetime. xxx videos After graduating from the xvideos gay Paris School, all of the previous scholarship recipients had gone on xvideos in to attend prestigious colleges and universities and develop successful careers in the field of their choice. She wanted no less for Brodie. She knew that his mother and oldest brother, Cullen, would be in complete x videos.com agreement with her. Sister Mary Helen could tell that Brodie was weakening. By the time he left her office, even though he hadn't given in completely, xxvideos he had xvideos video promised to think it over. Tapping xvideos anal her thin lips with her forefinger, she said a quick prayer before mentally reviewing the Rolodex in her xxvideos head. She pounded the ancient desk with her fist, muttered a brief prayer of thanks and started dialing. Even if this didn't work, she would keep trying until Brodie gave in. She could be just as obstinate xvideo gay as he. ************************************ Several days later, Brodie was called to Sister Mary Helen's office again. When he arrived in mom xvideos her office, she waved him to a seat and continued talking with her visitors. xvideos. com Brodie sat there xvideos tamil in xvideos mom stunned silence. Unsuccessfully, Sister Mary Helen tried xvidios to hide a smile of satisfaction when she saw Brodie's initial reaction. This wasn't a big gun. This was a nuclear warhead. She had decided that there was nothing wrong with using all of the ammunition at her disposal. Jake Valencia. Luke Owens. Shit. Brodie thought he was gonna explode. Jake and Luke were legends. x-videos Jake was some kind of baby genius. xvideos indonesia He and his partner had created a series of videos for Luke's band that had won award after award for the incredible computer wizardry. And Luke, Luke was the shit. Luke set the standard xvideo gay for what a musician should be as far xvideos brasil as Brodie was concerned. He and xvideos indian his band, Lynx, were all about the music. They rarely did interviews. As a group, their one statement was that their music could speak for itself. Brodie attempted to look x video them over casually like this was an everyday thing. The first thing he noticed was the silent communication between the two of them. Several times while they were talking to Sister Mary Helen, their eyes had met; they had smiled at each other and then resumed the free xvideos conversation x vedios without missing a beat. xvideos com Brodie recognized that look. His brothers all had it when they looked at their partners. He wondered if he would ever find someone who would love him that much. Doubtful, he thought with a mental shrug. It didn't matter anyway. He had already found his true xvideo love: music. Brodie struggled to remember the name of Jake's company. Dream Weavers or something like that. Jake's partner, Grace, had done xvidoes a spread in People magazine a couple of indian xvideos months ago. Jake, like Luke kept www.xvideo a low profile. Brodie remembered that Grace had been quoted poking fun at herself and saying that unlike her partner, she loved the attention. Sister Mary Helen figured that she had given Brodie enough time to collect himself. "Brodie, I want you to meet Jake Valencia and Luke Owens. They both attended The Paris School and I thought you might want to talk with them. Jake also grew up in the neighborhood and attended St. Mary's." Jake stood up and reached out his hand. Brodie towered over him. They both had the same thought as amber crystal eyes met aquamarine: 'amazing eyes.' Both felt a sense of recognition. Jake could see that like him, Brodie was of mixed heritage. He also knew that Brodie was the youngest of a very large family, just like he was. "Hey, Brodie," Jake said. "I knew your brother Cullen back in the day," he added with a wide, reminiscent smile. Luke snorted softly. Jake looked at him and grinned unrepentantly. They shared xvideos free a look that made it seem as if they were the only two people in the room and then Jake turned back to Brodie. Brodie knew his brother Cullen and his reputation xvedio very well and wasn't touching that one. He shook Jake's hand, still shocked that he was meeting someone who was a legend in and out of the neighborhood. Sister Mary Helen left the three of them alone xxx videos to chat. Jake and Luke spent almost an hour talking with Brodie. According to Luke, the music program xvideos red alone was good enough reason for Brodie to attend the Paris School. Luke said that the opportunities to intern with well-known musicians and connect with them were innumerable. According to Jake, xvideos.con the education Brodie would receive would be invaluable. Jake, coming from the same background as Brodie, understood what the experience would be like for him. He warned Brodie that it would be a shock to xvidos.com his system but wwwxvideos.com that it would be worth it. xvideos download "The four years will pass by in a blink of an eye," he encouraged. "You won't regret it. And you never know what will happen. I met Luke there," he said softly. Then he added, "I'm not saying you'll meet the love x video.com of your life there, but life is full of wonderful surprises that you never imagine could happen to you." Jake wwwxvideos and Luke left after securing a promise from Brodie that he would contact them if he needed anything. When she returned to her office, Brodie and Sister Mary Helen once again eyed one another across from her desk. Reluctantly, Brodie said, "I'll go." Gracious in victory, Sister Mary Helen didn't even xvideos porn smile. At least not on the surface. Brodie sat there for xvideos teen a second and then said, "Sister?" She raised bushy gray brows in xxx videos inquiry. "When I come back to visit, you'll still be here, right?" She had smiled then, looking at the youngest child of a family that she had loved and watched over for so long. "Yes," she said gently, gravelly voice quavering. "I'll be here." ************************************ Now, having spent the past week feeling like he was in some sort of alternate universe, xx videos Brodie was wishing xvideo.com that he had refused to go. Besides the two xvedios other scholarship students who had come from St. Mary's, he had nothing in common with anyone at the Paris School. He knew Cutter and Sinclair fairly well. They had been going to school together since kindergarten xvideos anal and he considered them friends. x video.com xvideos anal The worst part of the week had been dodging all of xvids the instructors who harassed him about putting his sax in his locker. They must be out of their fucking minds. He had carried that sax, in his every waking moment, since he was eight years old. His brother Cullen had busted ass to give it to him for indian xvideos Christmas. He x videos hadn't even asked for it. Cullen knew that he had idolized Maceo Parker and always saw him walking around pretending like he was Maceo. Everybody else played air tamil xvideos guitar. Brodie played air saxophone. So, xvideos tamil whenever an instructor had informed him that he xvideos xvideos needed to park his 'instrument' in his xvideos in locker, he had looked porno xvideos at them expressionlessly, agreed with them and kept moving. Friday was the first day none of them xvideos indo had gay xvideos hassled him. Maybe they were getting it. His mother didn't call xvideos him dense, stubborn and hardheaded for nothing. She claimed that they were O'Brien traits and that he seemed to have gotten them in greater quantities than the rest of his brothers and sisters. She said it was probably because he was the youngest. www.xvideo The xvids second worst part of the week is that he had never seen people so... He couldn't even find the xvideo com words. The world they lived in was totally different from the world he came from. Although Brodie was very aware that life for him was much different than it had been for his brothers and sisters, until he arrived at the Paris School, he had never before realized what a big difference having money could make. A few years had made a critical difference in the way he was able to live and the lifestyle the rest of his xvidos family was able to leave behind. There was a xvideo com lot more money available to the family as Brodie was growing up than xvideos japan xvideos teen there had been when his older xvieos x-videos siblings were younger. By the time he xvideos indonesia came along, his mother had completed gay xvideos college and xvideo had advanced in her job. By the time Brodie finished first grade, his oldest brother, Cullen was able to get www.xvideos.com a full-time job instead of doing the part-time work he had been doing under the table because he was underage. They weren't rich, but they had moved out of their old neighborhood and were pretty comfortable. His brothers and sisters made sure that Brodie wanted for nothing. He could have attended a different school, but he hadn't wanted to leave St. Mary's. St. Mary's was located in the heart of an impoverished area. Most of the students were there on a variety of scholarships and grants. Some were able to attend the school because they belonged to the church and received a discount on the tuition. At St. xvideos com Mary's survival meant a day-to-day struggle for many of the students. At the Paris School, survival meant wearing the right clothes, driving www xvideos com the right car and being seen with the right people. After witnessing some of his classmates at St. Mary's end up homeless, it was difficult for Brodie to see the value in the things that the students of the Paris School viewed as critically important. The other thing was, as much as it embarrassed him to admit it, he missed St. Mary's. He had grown up there. He had attended St. Mary's since kindergarten. He knew all of the students www.xvideo.com in his xvidio class and most of the kids in the other classes as well. He knew which of the cooks he could cajole into giving him a little extra www xvideos at lunch. He knew which toilets to avoid because they overflowed wwwxvideos.com on a regular basis. He knew which ones of the nuns he could persuade to let him leave www xvideos com class just a little bit early so that he could run to the music room and play his sax for a few minutes until next class started. Although The Paris School was nominally a private Catholic school, in actuality it was more like a secular private school. There were no more uniforms and xvideos japan there were no nuns here. The school was a beautiful, modern structure. It was cold and unfriendly. Not like St. Mary's at all. Sinclair hated it just as much as he did. Today, after school, she had been on a low simmer when the three of them had caught the bus back to their neighborhood. Her black eyes had flashed furiously as she related, "She said that I didn't, 'act black.' What the mutha fuck does THAT mean? Does xxxvideo it mean xxxvideo I don't roll my eyes and shake my xvideos head when I say something?" Brodie couldn't help it, he had looked at xvideos .com her brother Cutter and when their eyes met, they both snickered. Sinclair had looked at both of them with disdain and said, "Idiots." "Chill and live, baby girl," Cutt had said. "Just give it a chance. That was one person. One broad out of...what...I don't know how many, but that was one broad out of a whole bunch of people. Y'all know what? You two had your minds xvieos made up xvideo that you would xvideos jp hate it before you even started the first day." Brodie had been shocked into silence and he thought that Sinclair had been too. That xvideos mom was the most he had ever heard Cutt say at one time. Sinclair and Cutt were twins and she was usually the spokesperson. It wasn't the first time he had www.xvideos witnessed Cutt calming his volatile xvidoes sister down though. Sinclair www.xvideos com was the first to admit she had a xvids big 'ol chip on her shoulder. Cutt was the only one who had the nerve to call her on it though. Brodie was extremely grateful that he didn't have to endure attending the Paris School for the next four years by himself. Having Cutter and Sinclair xvideoss there with him would at least make it tolerable. There was one more thing that would keep him going: his Music Composition class. It was awesome, incredible, off the hook, bangin'. Every time he was reminded of yet another reason why he xvideos indo hated the school, he'd think about the Music Composition class as the one positive amongst the negative. The instructor was really cool too. The music program at the Paris School was world renown. Brodie sighed and rolled his shoulders. Thank God, the week was over, www.xvideos.com he thought to himself again. tamil xvideos He grabbed his sax, walked up to the attic and started playing. Once the mouthpiece touched his lips, his entire body relaxed and he closed his eyes. He blew lightly and a sharp, lonely sound hung in the air. He blew into the mouthpiece xvideos .com again, harder this time and sus